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Capital management or more fashionably called money management is a key factor for successful trading. The establishment of an individual trading system based on certain principles is an essential element.

Another important point is the prior determination of risk parameters, i.e. of what leverage levels it becomes "unhealthy" for the respective FOREX trader. Let us remember that leverage is the ratio of the own money to the amount of the opened positions. For example, if our capital was 10 000 dollars and we opened positions for 30 000 dollars, the leverage we played with would be 1 to 3. About 95% of "incidents" in FOREX occur precisely because of playing with unreasonably high leverage. On principle, different market makers allow possibility of playing with ratios 1 to 100 and even more, however this should be considered as a gift “borne by a Greek”.  In fact, risk can be easily managed by adjusting the levels of leverage.
управление на капиталаDetermining the optimum levels is based on several factors. The first one definitely is the wanted annual profitability from which the initial parameters for the risk-profitability ratio are assigned. Dependency is directly proportional – high profitability corresponds to high risk and the low risk corresponds to lower profitability. This is the reason why in money management we talk about optimum profitability at an acceptable level of risk. When formulating our basic trading goals in FOREX we also form the so-called horizon. Practice shows that the longterm horizon contributes significantly to sustainable development. Many FOREX traders rise as comets, achieve excellent results and only in 5-6 months’ time they disappear from the scene.

In building the system for trading in FOREX we have to comply with our purely psychological characteristics. Majority of traders are more impulsive and patience for them is far away from a superior virtue. In this case the system is set in one way. Smaller part of the players is the so-called "quiet" type whom positioning and marketing is based on other principles. There are FOREX traders of a 'mixed' type and their model of trading contains a "mix" of the above two types.
The main elements in the system design are:

- orientation in the FOREX trading system;

- techniques to filter out the market noise;

- optimization of market positioning;

- initial risk management;

- placing of sliding stops;

- re-entering in the market or reverse methodology.

An important factor in the system design in FOREX is the compliance with the amount of capital; small capital make it possible to play in one way,  medium capital allow to play in another way, and large capital allow almost anything. Since under large capital we mean a minimum of one million dollars, it is obviously that we are interested in the correct playing with a medium and small capital. See more in Courses 

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