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Очаквани нива при AUD/USD до края на годината?
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FOREX mentoring. Practice shows that for every trader in the financial and in particular the foreign exchange market the first year is the most difficult one. There have been numerous studies worldwide and statistics is merciless – over 90% of the new traders go bankrupt in 6 months or one year. There are two main reasons – lack of knowledge and not following the rules for leverage. Many players do not even realise the point of following any rules. Of course the results can be expected.

FOREX mentoring is a form of cooperation where the new trader is assisted by a mentor /coach/ who is an experienced Forex trader with years of experience in the market. Help is expressed in a joint analysis of market signals for entering and exiting from a position, as well as everything else needed to build the new trader. The form and the specific actions are complied with the objectives and tasks, the amount of capital and the mind of the new trader. Usually it lasts up to 1 year; afterwards it is assumed that the new trader can handle by themselves successfully.
The main objective of Forex mentoring is to protect the new trader from certain universal traps and delusions that are typical for the financial markets, as well as to provide the necessary confidence and psychological comfort in the conclusion of transactions. Many new players achieve fantastic results in demo platforms and decide that in the real platform with real money the results will be similar. Experience shows that this is not true; on the contrary, often the new players find themselves in too difficult situations realizing substantial losses.

However, the correct mentoring program aims to form independent thinking in the new trader, which will be necessary for the moment when the bird is ready to "fly off from the golden cage", i.e. the trader is willing to continue their career alone. 

Bonus: everyone who has completed the course gets one-month FOREX mentoring for free which is completely enough to recover the funds invested in the training.

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january 17 2020
EUR  European euro. Used by 15 member states and 6 countries or areas outside the European union.    
BGN  Bulgarian lev    
CHF  Swiss franc    
GBP  Pound sterling. Scotland and Northern Ireland issues own, diffrent, banknotes.    
RUB  Russian rouble    
TRY  New Turkish lira. New Turkish lira. As of 1 January 2005 the currency of the Republic of Turkey is the new Turkish lira (TRY). 1 TRY equals 1,000,000 old Turkish liras (TRL).    
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