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Most people think that stock trading began in America or at least in England. On the contrary, first stock traders appeared in The Country of the Rising Sun. Long before the advent of Wall Street, the Japanese traders of that time speculated with rice coupons – early forerunners of today's futures contracts. Around 1700 a man named Munehisa Homma became a legend creating a "candlestick" chart, which nowadays is the favorite of many of today's Forex traders. He was called "the god of the market” and using the "candles" Homma made incredible series of 100 consecutive profitable transactions and accumulated great fortune.кендъли "Candlestick" charts were widely used in America and Europe only from 15 years ago. It is Steve Nison’s “guilt” – then not well-known analyst in Merrill Lynch. The Japanese carefully keep their secrets; they just do not speak anything about candles in a language other than Japanese. Nison managed to put together piece by piece the whole mosaic in order for us to be able today, looking at the “mirror” of the candles to predict the markets more successfully. Thank you for this Steve.
Candles provide profitable signals that other charts are simply not able to generate. The closest in quality – the bar-chart provides information on the prices of opening, closing, the highest and the lowest price for the respective period. Candles do a lot more. They form different figure patterns that tell us whether prices will continue in the same direction or turning of the market is forthcoming. For example, the formation of "engulfing" almost always leads to a change of the direction. Other reversal models are the following: “doji” also known as “tombstone”, “cloud eclipse”, “hammer”, and the various “star” formations.
Most of the names of the figure patterns come from samurai military traditions, for example "counterattack line”, “three progressing soldiers” and others. Psyche, skills and strategy are the three key elements in understanding both the war and the trade in the financial markets. Homma, the creator, managed precisely to capture the psychology of the market, because there is a bunch of players behind each candle chart.кендъли The price is nothing more than a reflection of the instantaneous consensus on value of certain assets among sellers, buyers and undefined players at the time of the transaction. The consensus among them changes with the course of time.
Reasonable Forex trader seeks to go on stage when it is calm and to gain profit in turbulent periods. They perceive the market as a huge crowd; the prices move in the same direction toward which the crowd is headed. Group psychosis is wonderfully illustrated by a thought of McKay - "People lose their minds in droves, and return to sanity slowly and one by one”. It is not necessary for the Forex player to be bond with the maltitude, but they can not go against it. Although the crowd is mighty, it is primitive; its behavior is predictable and often recurs. Master Homma says "Darkness is revealed after one step forward." Candles are exactly this "step" that raises the curtain and can give us an advantage over the others who do not use them. The "Japanese candles" have repeatedly proven their efficiency and functionality in Forex. See more in Courses

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january 17 2020
EUR  European euro. Used by 15 member states and 6 countries or areas outside the European union.    
BGN  Bulgarian lev    
CHF  Swiss franc    
GBP  Pound sterling. Scotland and Northern Ireland issues own, diffrent, banknotes.    
RUB  Russian rouble    
TRY  New Turkish lira. New Turkish lira. As of 1 January 2005 the currency of the Republic of Turkey is the new Turkish lira (TRY). 1 TRY equals 1,000,000 old Turkish liras (TRL).    
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