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Очаквани нива при AUD/USD до края на годината?
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Key interest rates on currencies traded in Forex are determined by the Central Banks of the respective countries. Changes in interest trends often lead to reversal of major trends of currency pairs traded in Forex. Often there is a time lag of 3 to 6 months. Euro rate is determined by the ECB and the rate of the dollar by the Federal Reserve System.

U.S. dollar /USD/ - Federal Funds Target Rate – 0.25%, last modified on 16.12.2008

Euro /EUR/ - Main Refinancing Rate - 1.00%, last modified on 07.05. 2009

British pound /GBP/ - Official Bank Rate - 0.50%, last modified on 05.03 2009

Swiss Frank /CHF/ - Repo Overnight Rate - 0.25%, last modified on 12.03.2009

Japanese Yen /JPY/ - Uncollateralized Overnight Call Rate - 0.10%, last modified on 19.12.2008

Australian Dollar /AUD/ - Cash Rate Target - 4.5%, last modified on 04.05.2010

New Zealand Dollar /NZD/ - Official Cash Rate - 3.00%, last modified on 29.07.2009

Canadian Dollar /CAD/ - Target Key Interest Rate - 0.75%, last modified on 21.07.2010

Norwegian Krone /NOK/ - Key Policy Rate - 1.75%, last modified on 16.12.2009

Swedish Krona /SEK/ - Repo Rate - 0.25%, last modified on 02.07.2009

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ECB exchange rates
january 17 2020
EUR  European euro. Used by 15 member states and 6 countries or areas outside the European union.    
BGN  Bulgarian lev    
CHF  Swiss franc    
GBP  Pound sterling. Scotland and Northern Ireland issues own, diffrent, banknotes.    
RUB  Russian rouble    
TRY  New Turkish lira. New Turkish lira. As of 1 January 2005 the currency of the Republic of Turkey is the new Turkish lira (TRY). 1 TRY equals 1,000,000 old Turkish liras (TRL).    
AUD  Australian dollar    
CAD  Canadian dollar    
USD  US dollar    
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